The Best Wood Glue Dispenser In 2022 To Help You Work Faster And More Efficiently

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Do you find yourself struggling to apply wood glue evenly? Do you sometimes end up with too much or too little glue, which makes the job more difficult than it needs to be? If so, then you need a good wood glue dispenser! In this blog post, we will discuss the best wood glue dispensers on the market and show you how they can help make your woodworking projects easier and faster.

Building things is hard, but using the right tools makes it easier. Wood glue dispensers are one of those essential items for any woodworker to have around – they’re useful no matter what type or size project you want to be made! Check out our guide on choosing your new best friend so that every time something needs stuck together with an adhesive agent; all that’s needed will be within arm’s reach

5 Best Wood Glue Dispenser Reviews

We all know how important it is to have the right tools for every job. When it comes to woodworking, having the best wood glue dispenser can make a big difference in the quality of your work.

We will discuss the five best wood glue dispensers on the market. We’ll go over their features and benefits, as well as any potential drawbacks you should know about.

There are many different types of wood glue dispensers on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Here are five of the best wood glue dispensers that we believe will help make your woodworking projects easier and faster:

Brush Wood Glue Dispenser

There are many different types of wood glue dispensers on the market, but one type that is becoming increasingly popular is the brushwood glue dispenser. This type of dispenser allows you to apply a thin layer of glue to your project without having to worry about drips or messes.

If you are looking for a convenient way to apply wood glue, then a brushwood glue dispenser is the perfect choice for you. With its easy-to-use design, you will be able to get the job done quickly and easily. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any messes!

Roller Wood Glue Dispenser

I was recently introduced to a new product that I think is going to be a game changer for woodworkers and hobbyists alike. It’s called the Roller Wood Glue Dispenser and it’s basically a roller that applies glue evenly and smoothly.

I’ve used other similar products before, but they always seem to leave streaks or clumps of glue. This is not the case with the Roller Wood Glue Dispenser. It applies the glue evenly and smoothly, just like its name suggests.

Squeeze Wood Glue Dispenser

The Squeeze Wood Glue Dispenser is the perfect tool for all your wood glue needs! With its easy-to-use design, you’ll be able to dispense just the right amount of glue with minimal mess. Plus, the built-in needle tip allows for precise application, so you can get a professional-looking finish every time.

Rockler Wood Glue Applicator Set

Rockler Wood Glue Applicator Set  is one of the best wood glue dispenser with variety of tools for gluing

This Rockler Wood Glue Applicator Set is perfect for evenly applying glue on any surface. The 8 oz ounce bottle, roller applicator, dowel hole nozzle, and biscuit slot tip make it easy to apply even coats of glue, while the centering attachment keeps your glue bead locked on center when edge gluing.

The attachments also fit onto Titebond 16 and 32 oz wood glue bottles, making it easy to transfer glue from jug to bottle. All attachments are made from easy-to-clean materials. This is an excellent tool for all kinds of woodworking, from hobby projects to professional jobs.

All your gluing needs in one versatile, easy-to-clean wood glue for woodworking kit! Our glue dispenser kit lets you deposit glue precisely where you want it, with minimal squeeze-out. The Wood Glue Applicator Bottle Set includes a 4 oz. bottle of Titebond Original Wood Glue and two bottles that fit the applicator tip to dispense the right amount of glue exactly where you want it.

The Set Includes:

  1. An applicator bottle with a cap
  2. A roller applicator head
  3. A dowel hole nozzle
  4. A biscuit slot tip
  5. A centering attachment for the dowel hole nozzle and biscuit slot tip


  • Easy to clean and take apart.
  • The little red cap stays nice and secure when popped on the end.
  • It is a time saver.


  • Bottle is also very small and doesn’t hold much glue.

FastCap Glu-Bot

FastCap GluBot with variety of nozzles and cleaning plastic rod

The FastCap GluBot, Highbot and Babe bot are designed by cabinetmakers & woodworkers. They’re easy to fill; they don’t drip or spurt glue in any position – it will be the best bottle you’ll ever own!

The Glu-Bot is the only glue bottle that won’t drip or spill. The unique two-chamber design allows you to pull back on either side of its body after squeezing, which eliminates any unwanted leaks and keeps your work area clean.

This same idea was used in creating this amazing tool for applying Elmer’s school glue at an angle without all those pesky droplets everywhere. Now there are no more wasted minutes wiping up spills with a cloth.

The set includes

  1. 12 oz. Glu-Bot Bottle
  2. Standard and Fine Nozzles
  3. Spout Cap
  4. Cleaning Brush


  • I found that a nylon zip-tie works great to scrub the glue out of the applicator tip.
  • It always gives a consistent amount of glue without a ton of squeezing pressure.
  • This dispenser saves time and glue.


  • The cap comes off easily.
  • Often clogged with glue the next time I used it.

FastCap Highbot FC-2182 Woodworking

FastCap-Highbot-FC-2182-Woodworking capped nozzle with small cap on it

The FastCap Highbot is a hand-held, battery-powered glue dispenser that allows you to apply glue in hard-to-reach areas. The FastCap Highbot works with most glues and solvents including epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, and more.

With the included wide mouth tip, this tool makes it easy to fill the reservoir with your favorite adhesive. It also comes with two additional tips: a precision needlepoint tip for small jobs and an extra-wide flat bottom tip that’s great for spreading a large amount of glue quickly.

The FastCap Highbot is a great tool for woodworkers, hobbyists, and anyone who needs to apply glue in tight spaces. If you’re looking for a versatile and easy-to-use glue dispenser, the FastCap Highbot is a perfect choice.

The Set Includes

  1. FastCap Highbot FC-2282
  2. Precision needlepoint tip
  3. Extra-wide flat bottom tip
  4. Wide mouth filler tip
  5. User guide


  • This dispenser dose accurately and finely.
  • The little red cap and lanyard are too flimsy.
  • This is much easier to clean than the typical pop-top glue bottles.


  • Neither cap sealed or fit properly. Without proper seal, glue would harden in the container.

Milescraft 5223 Glue Mate 450-15oz

Milescraft 5223 Glue Mate 450-15oz with two cap nozzles

GlueMate450 by Milescraft is the perfect glue accessory for everyone. From master craftsmen to first-time DIY’ers, this 15oz Advanced Glues Bottle makes quick and accurate application easy. The large size holds enough adhesive so you don’t have to worry about running out throughout your day.

You can control where it goes with vertical or horizontal applications alike thanks in part to its two-chamber design: when pressure comes down on top of one chamber (glue), another delivers just enough up through an applicator straw without allowing too much flow at once – making sure every drop gets applied precisely where needed.

The Set Includes

  1. a 15oz bottle of Advanced Glue for general purpose applications
  2. a nozzle with cap for a fine bead size
  3. a nozzle with cap for a wide bead size
  4. an extended straw for hard to reach areas
  5. an applicator tip for pinpoint accuracy.


  • This is a well made bottle for dispensing glue.
  • Both nozzles work very well.
  • Its application is accurate.


  • none

DCT Wood Glue Bottle & Glue Applicator Kit

DCT Wood Glue Bottle & Glue Applicator Kit with 9 different nozzles and caps

The FastCap DCT Wood Glue Bottle and Glue Applicator Kit is a great tool to have in your workshop. The kit includes an 8-ounce bottle of glue and a wood glue applicator roller that allows you to apply even coats of glue on any surface.

This wood glue bottle & applicator kit is a lifesaver for extensive glue ups such as building cabinets and more. The wooden handle on the FastCap wood glue container has been designed with comfort in mind so it’s easy to use when applying the adhesive.

This product is a glue squeeze bottle, roller, and tips cleaner. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth and left to air dry. The non-stick glue roller applicator has an approximate 2.5-inch (6.4cm) width and provides a quick, even, and mess-free coating of glue.

The Set Includes

  1. Wood Glue Bottle
  2. One (DCT) Wood Glue Dispenser Bottle with a cap
  3. Nine (DCT) Different Size Tips  (glue roller, biscuits tip, pinpoint, dovetail tip, 1/4-inch dowel hole, 5/16-inch dowel hole, 3/8-inch dowel hole, 7/16-inch dowel hole, 1/2-inch dowel hole)
  4. Plus one (DCT) Cleaning Brush Bottle with cover and connection sleeve
  5. One (DCT) Storage Tray


  • The kit works well and with the assortment of tips.
  • The roller with it apply glue evenly and accurately.


  • The bottle cap does not close tightly.
  •  If you squeeze too hard the threads compress and the entire lid will shoot off.

Why Do You Need A Wood Glue Dispenser?

A wood glue dispenser is a great investment for any woodworker, and it can be a lifesaver on big projects. There are actually several reasons why you might want to use a wood glue dispenser.

  • It can help you to apply the glue more precisely. When you are working on a small project, you might not want to use a whole bottle of glue.
  • It can help you to avoid wasting glue. When you are using a bottle of glue, it is easy to accidentally use too much and then have to throw away the excess.
  • To avoid mess and waste. Those who have worked with wood glue before know that it can be quite messy. The dispenser allows you to apply the glue more precisely, which means less wasted glue and less of a mess.
  • It can help you to avoid the problem of glue drying out in the bottle. When the glue is left exposed to air, it will start to dry out and become unusable.

Buying Guide For Best Wood Glue Dispenser

There are many different types of wood glue dispensers on the market, so how do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few things to consider when making your purchase:

1. The Size Of The Job

If you’re only going to be using the wood glue dispenser for small jobs around the house, then a handheld dispenser may be all you need. However, if you’re planning on using it for larger projects, then a floor-standing model would be a better choice.

2. The Dispensing Method

There are three main types of dispensers – manual, pneumatic, and electric. Manual dispensers are the most affordable but require the most effort to use. Pneumatic dispensers are more expensive but much easier to use, and electric dispensers are the most expensive but also the easiest to use.

3. Type Of Nozzle

Depending on the type of wood glue you’re using, you’ll need a different type of nozzle. PVA glues require a screw-on nozzle, while epoxy glues come with a reusable nozzle that can be attached and detached as needed.

4. Easy To Clean

Look for a wood glue dispenser that is easy to clean, as you’ll need to do this after each use. A detachable nozzle is a good feature to look for, as it makes cleanup much easier.

5. Drip-Free

You don’t want your wood glue dispensing project to be a sticky mess, so look for a drip-free dispenser. This feature is especially important if you’re using an electric dispenser, as any drips can cause the motor to overheat.

6. Less Force Required

If you have arthritis or limited hand strength, then look for a dispenser that requires less force to operate. This will make it much easier to use, and you won’t have to worry about the glue spilling out.

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